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I have been a teacher since 1996 and had first-hand experience of how difficult it can be teaching children on the autistic spectrum in a mainstream classroom. I have also run a micro-school with five tutors for four years teaching a child who was diagnosed with autism at two years old. Using a range of approaches and techniques that can be adapted for use in mainstream schools, he has now become a very personable, social, independent and flexible teenager who has just finished a Music Diploma at our local college. I regularly trained and collaborated with the tutors to find the best pathways for learning and in this course I share the out of the box thinking that led to such success.

On the course we cover:


  • Your aims and objectives for your specific pupil’s development
  • How to help your pupil towards greater social development
  • How you are currently supporting your pupil’s behaviour
  • How to reduce your pupil’s sensory overload and anxiety
  • New techniques to create positive inroads in your pupil’s development
  • Ways to help your pupil academically




Workshop dates to be confirmed shortly




Twilight sessions are inspiring masterclasses where teachers will come away with a new knowledge of autism and a toolbox of techniques to support their pupils’ behaviour and help them move forward in their academic development.



In our private consultations, in addition to working through the above, we will also focus on your pupil’s individual needs in order to help you help your child in their behaviours and development. We will use an Autism Pathway, created specifically to focus on your child and his/her next stages of development. These consultations will take place with the consent of the child’s parent. For a free 10 minute preliminary call to see how I can best help you, please phone 07963 431405.



In this workshop I aim to empower children to first understand what autism is and to learn how they can contribute to a peer’s experience. I aim to inspire them to want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem for a child on the autistic spectrum.


In our children’s workshops we will cover:


  • What the children’s current knowledge and experience of autism is
  • What autism is and how it can affect someone
  • Why children can behave in what seem like unusual ways and what can help
  • What sensory overload is and what it can feel like
  • What anxiety is and what it can feel like
  • How some children can struggle in understanding other people and in talking and communicating how they feel
  • How this child might really feel inside
  • How they can be an amazing support and friend to a child/classmate/peer/friend on the autistic spectrum.

If you have any further questions or would like to have an informal chat please contact us!