Personal Autism Coach

Services For Parents:

Our aim is to help you help your child with their feelings and development, including sensory overload, anxiety, communicating thoughts and desires, and processing emotions while connecting to you in a loving, positive way.


This leads towards your child’s willing engagement with you and opens doors for learning. We offer workshops in small groups and one-to-one consultations.

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Services For Teachers, Sencos And Teaching Assistants:

Would you like help with behaviours and academic development?


Would you like to find out more about aims and objectives specifically designed for children on the autistic spectrum so you can be sure your pupils are progressing?


Would you like empowerment to help your pupil yourself, without relying on an expert?

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Workshops For Children:

Would you like to help your classes/individual children to understand what autism is, what autistic children may be feeling and going through and how they can best befriend their peers on the autistic spectrum?


In this workshop I aim to empower children to first understand what autism is and to learn how they can contribute to a peer’s experience.

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If you have any further questions or would like to have an informal chat please contact us!